Psychoparesis (2020)

On 10.10.20, Psychoparesis came to existence with 10 songs. Each song includes at least one scientific or medical term in the lyrics, thus the genre of the music was to be named “Medical Rap”.
100 hard copies were made.
Available on most music streaming services.


On December 21st of 2020 after collaborating with Syed Hasan Abbas, Phoenix was released:

  • A hand-drawn, colored-pencil animation (4K resolution)
  • An official selection at the Lift-Off Global Network, First-Time Filmakers Sessions 2021 and at the Athens Animfest 2021

Backstory: “According to tradition, Eve gives all animals to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Phoenix is the only animal that resists and God honors him by making him immortal. He is only one male and therefore cannot reproduce”.

Even though Phoenix knows to be the only of his kind, that won’t stop him chasing the impossible, to find his other half. After each rebirth being closer to actualizing his goal, he is charting a spiral path of self-discovery.

Scientific aspect: On December the 21st, winter solstice, sun reaches the lowest point in the sky, staying there for 3 days just to be “reborn” after to continue its annual path (known as Analemma). Therefore, “Phoenix” is the 3rd song of “Psychoparesis” with a 3min duration.

Neurananepsis (2024)

On 12.12.24, Neurananepsis with 12 songs is set to be released.